Penrith and Mt Druitt HSC students perform science experiments at UWS

Date: 20/02/2002

Around 900 HSC students from Penrith and Mt Druitt will use the cutting edge facilities at UWS to perform a series of science experiments. This opportunity also allows students direct contact with practising scientists at the University.

In order to prepare for their HSC exam, the students are required to do a range of experiments in biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. By using the University's resources, each student gains first-hand experience using technology not normally available to them.

Dr. Mark Williams, Lecturer at the UWS School of Science, Food and Horticulture said the University was only too happy to lend the local students a helping hand.

"This is an excellent opportunity for UWS to show high school students some of the cutting-edge instrumentation and experimentation referred to in the new HSC Science courses," Dr Mark Williams said.

"It's great that the University can utilise its resources to advance the education of these science students. This is another example of the University forging stronger links with the students and schools within the region," Dr Mark Williams said.

The 900 budding scientists will gain hands-on experience in areas such as atomic absorption, analysis of beers and fertilisers, magnetism, optical fibre and extraction of DNA and reaction of enzymes.

WHEN: 19, 21 and 22 February 2002 from 9am - 3pm
WHERE: UWS Kingswood Campus


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