800 police recruits at UWS

Date: 01/03/2002

Premier Bob Carr and Police Minister Michael Costa have announced an additional training facility at the University of Western Sydney to train an extra 800 police this year.

In the partnership between NSW Police, UWS and Charles Sturt University, two additional classes of up to 400 recruits will commence their training at the UWS Hawkesbury campus in Richmond in the May and September intakes.

The changes mean:

·NSW Police expects to attest approximately 1,714 police between May 2002 and May 2003.
·The government is on track to exceed the election commitment of 14,407 police by December 2003;
·Training will be conducted at Goulburn and UWS by NSW Police and Charles Sturt University, the current course providers;
·A fully equipped campus at Richmond including on-site accommodation for 120 students;
·Approximately 14 instructors, teachers and trainers working from the UWS Hawkesbury Campus; and
·Computer, library, and physical training facilities to meet the high standards of NSW Police.

Mr Carr said recent improvements to police training emphasising practical frontline skills and the larger intakes marked the third stage of the NSW Police restructure.

"The community wants more police, more experienced police and greater police visibility.

"That's what each stage of the restructure has been about. Getting police out from behind desks and onto the streets.

Mr Costa said the larger intake was possible because of a revamped training course putting recruits on the streets after 31 weeks.

"The Hawkesbury campus means NSW Police will have 800 extra recruits who will undergo full training and be ready for street duty by May 2003," Mr Carr said.

Mr Costa said the NSW Police College in Goulburn would remain as the primary training centre for NSW Police.

"The college will stay in Goulburn and continue as the headquarters for NSW Police Education Services, co-ordinating police training across the state," Mr Costa said.


Minister for Police contact:
Eamonn Fitzpatrick, 0401 719 488, Josh Murray, 0408 166 449

UWS contact: Suzie Vlaming, 0414 308 701