What works? Who works in Western Sydney?

Date: 11/03/2002

The Urban Frontiers Program at the University of Western Sydney is holding a Round Table discussion with US labour market economist Professor David Fasenfest on how 'New Economy jobs' can be better targeted to local neighbourhoods with a particular focus on Western Sydney.

When: 13 March 2002, 12 - 2pm
Where: Rafferty's Room, Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Cnr Market and Church Sts, Parramatta

The discussion will explore:
·how the benefits of "New Economy" jobs can be matched to the skills and profiles of the unemployed, many of whom have been left behind with "Old Economy" skills or inappropriate training;

·the structural barriers that might prevent access to these new jobs by people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods; and

·what we need to do to ensure local renewal activity is tied into employment and labour market policies.

Prof. David Fasenfest runs the Centre for Urban Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. He is an economist and social policy expert who has a longstanding interest in the impacts of labour market restructuring on local areas suffering disadvantage.

Prof. Fasenfest is visiting the Urban Frontiers Program at UWS during March and this session is being jointly hosted with Parramatta Council and WSROC.

For more media information and to arrange an interview with Prof. Fasenfest contact:

Director of Urban Frontiers Program
Professor Bill Randolph
Ph: 02 4620 3657
Mobile: 0409 917 805
Email: b.randolph@uws.edu.au

UWS Media Manager
Mikael Kjaerbye
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