Local UWS osteopaths help relieve life's pains

Date: 05/04/2002

Chronic headaches and sinus problems are a thing of the past for Camden resident Carol Dower thanks to a group of student osteopaths at the University of Western Sydney.

Carol had suffered severe headaches for a number of years and they were getting progressively worse. She was unable to find a treatment that relieved her pain, so she decided to take the alternative path and turn to osteopathy for help.

She visited the University's Osteopath Clinic - one of Australia's most advanced teaching centres and public health clinics, specialising in the treatment of conditions such as headaches, knee, neck and back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, asthma, sciatica, RSI and postural problems.

As the only provider of undergraduate osteopathic training in NSW, the clinic has experienced professional and student osteopaths who use hands-on techniques such as deep tactile pressure, stretching and manipulation to treat the joints, muscles and connective tissues of the human body.

Carol says osteopathy has certainly provided the answer to her ongoing health problems.

"I had never really considered alternative therapies before, I had always just put up with the pain. However I had got to the point where it was affecting my quality of life and I was desperate to find some relief," says Carol.

"After a few visits to the clinic, the difference in my health was really noticeable. The practitioners discovered the pain was caused by pressure from my skull on a bone as result of a past head injury. They helped relieve the pressure and also gently manipulated areas that helped with my sinus pain."

The University's practitioners also provided advice to Carol on ways to manage her health problems day-to-day.

"They showed me how to stretch muscles in my neck and the back of my head to relieve any pain that I might be feeling. As a result, I don't get debilitating headaches like I used to get and I don't have sinus infections anymore," she says.

"Visiting the osteopath has given me a better awareness of my health and my body. I feel in control and I can do something to help myself."

7-14 April is National Osteopathy Awareness Week.

The UWS UniClinic is offering 20% discount off the initial consultation and 10% off the next two consultations for anyone interested in treatment. To make an appointment, call the UWS UniClinic on (02) 4620 3700.