First 100 days up for new SGSM chief

Date: 16/04/2002

One hundred days into his new role as CEO and Inaugural Director of the Sydney Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Sydney, Professor David Lamond is confident that the SGSM programs on offer are in lockstep with the changing demands of the Australian and global economies.

"Our courses are spot on and deliver recognisable high quality outcomes to the participants and the businesses they work for," Lamond said as he announced his strategic intent for SGSM.

SGSM will practice what it preaches under his leadership. "Our guiding philosophy at SGSM is that 'Everything Counts' and nothing is left to chance," he said.

Professor Lamond, most recently Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at Swinburne University of Technology's School of Business, has a distinguished and highly active record in academic leadership, scholarship and program development. In his vocational area, the study of organisations, he analyses and interprets the complex evolutionary factors that affect organisational performance. Jack Welch is a contemporary hero.

"I like to work out what makes things tick, whether it be perfectly or imperfectly. My early training as a psychiatric nurse reflects an inquisitive questing approach to life. Subsequent public administration careers honed my instincts for clarity, purpose, financial responsibility and organisational effectiveness.

"Organisations are fundamentally about people and an organisation's purpose is achieved by its people," Lamond adds.

A great believer in triple bottom line reporting - "a deeply held view"- David Lamond will promote the intellectual and experiential benefits of corporate social responsibility in all SGSM programs and operations.

"Management education in Australia and globally has had a very powerful impact in a short period of time. There is no doubt in my mind that the stability in the Australian economy of the last 15 years is, in no small measure, directly attributable to the quality of post-graduate management education and the ever rising number of new participants and experienced practitioners who take advantage of these outstanding programs. It represents a cycle of continuous learning and improvement of which we, as Australians, should be proud."

Over the next five years, SGSM's programs will adapt to mirror the globalisation of the economy, the rising social and political significance of business, and the IT strategic imperative.

Professor Lamond praises the global reputation of AGSM and MGSM for "trailblazing the international post-graduate management education market" and establishing standards that remove barriers for other entrants such as SGSM.

"As a consequence, SGSM has already developed a strong international reputation for the quality of its programs and the values embedded in its teaching-learning environment."

SGSM's international reach touches China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the sub-continent, as well as European, Canadian and American students. Some course programs are also available online. SGSM has teaching establishments in Bangalore, Colombo, Dalian, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and London.

"The Australian business management environment is a well-resourced and well managed incubator for new organisational paradigms and behaviours with global applications. At SGSM, we can provide the international student and our teaching colleagues with an opportunity to draw contemporary learning and operational skills from this fantastic and accessible hothouse.

Most importantly, as we continue to get the value set right at SGSM we can overlay this exposure with a quality experience in a truly global and beautiful city."

Sydney Graduate School of Management offers post-graduate award management programs including an MBA as well as professional and executive programs and international management programs. All post-graduate programs are fully accredited by the University of Western Sydney.

SGSM is a fully self-funding organisation.

Professor Lamond commenced as CEO and Foundation Director on January 7, 2002. His 100th day will be the 20th April, which he will celebrate teaching in Guangzhou.

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