Healthy Outlook for Greater Western Sydney Managers

Date: 15/03/2002

Despite reports from the United States of a slump in the job market for Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates, Professor David Lamond, Director of the University of Western Sydney's Sydney Graduate School of Management (SGSM) says that the future for local graduates is far more secure.

Recent events, coupled with the economic downturn in the USA, have been blamed for a major turnaround in the job market for MBA graduates. Reports from the States earlier this year indicate that the days of companies approaching business schools for new recruits have been replaced by graduates who are finding it difficult to secure employment.

In an interview with campus radio 1611AM, Professor Lamond noted the difference between the Australian situation and the American. "One of the key differences to mention between the United States and Australia is that in the States candidates complete their first degree and then immediately go straight on to do an MBA. This means that when they finally hit the employment market, they have no real work experience."

"In general, the students that we have in our MBA programs already have 10, 15 even 20 years' worth of good solid work experience and management experience. We are able to provide a solid intellectual and conceptual framework to that experience which helps them to become even better managers and strong candidates for management roles in both small and large businesses.

"Regardless of the situation overseas, our MBA graduates are far better prepared for life in the real world. We complement their basic skills with the foundation principles of managing people, managing money and managing markets and it works," noted Professor Lamond.

Operating out of the University's campuses in western Sydney, the CBD and throughout Asia, SGSM has enjoyed record enrolments in 2002 and now rivals the more established business schools in the region in terms of enrolment numbers and programs offered. It offers a full suite of management education programs, ranging from the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration to the Doctor of Business Administration.

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