UWS Bankstown campus celebrates campus life

Date: 16/07/2002

The Bankstown Campus Provost at the University of Western Sydney, Professor Wayne McKenna, has today announced the winners of the inaugural Bankstown 2002 Campus Life Grants.

The five grants are:

1. Terracotta Tile Community Workshop (9 - 19 September 2002)

This activity involves the creation of personalised terracotta brick-facing which will become part of a permanent mosaic in the Bankstown Campus grounds. Staff, students, local schools and community members will be invited to participate.

2. Health Awareness Week (9 - 13 September 2002)

This program offers a range of activities for staff and students at minimal to no cost and will aim to promote the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

3. Graduate Exhibition & Events (3 - 20 September 2002 & 27 November - 4 December 2002)

A range of activities including a Spring Market Day, an evening of bands, art auctions, raffles etc. and the Graduate Exhibition itself which will open for 1 week from 27 November.

4. 1st Australian Critical Psychology Postgraduate Conference (15 - 16 November)

This conference will provide the opportunity to promote the Bankstown campus as the centre of critical psychological enquiry within Australia. The grant was awarded for the promotion of this new initiative at UWS Bankstown.

5. Information Distributor (all Semester)

To coordinate the promotion of activities on campus a grant has been awarded to employ a student on a casual basis to collect Bankstown Campus activity information and distribute this information for one hour each day during semester.

These projects aim to promote UWS Bankstown as a vibrant and engaging campus for staff and students and to build community links.


For more information about the projects, please contact Executive Officer Judy Crabb on 02 9772 6765.