UWS develops technology to e-transform business

Date: 02/09/2002

A global business that can respond instantaneously to query and demand with reliable service has become the order of the day.

To help businesses in the greater western Sydney region meet that challenge, a group of researchers led by Professor Athula Ginige at the University of Western Sydney have developed the necessary methodology and technology to e-transform small to medium sized businesses.

This new development has been successfully trialled with six organisations as part of the e-pilot project and will now be expanded to e-Transforming Western Sydney, involving up to 40 businesses.

Professor Ginige says the project, which networks businesses via their computer systems, opens a flood of opportunity for more than 72,000 businesses in the greater west.

"These businesses need to re-engineer their business processes to become globally competitive. Re-engineering will allow all businesses, big and small, to become part of a networked environment where they will be able to share resources and take up any challenge such as catering for large orders even if they do not have the capabilities on an individual scale.

"Other organisations in the network will respond to fill in any gaps so that individual and group potential is maximised,'' Professor Ginige said.

"This in turn will provide a fast response to client queries and orders, reduce costs, provide access to global markets and enhance organisation productivity and efficiency. This is true for micro, small, medium and large organisations. A key factor that makes this re-engineering necessary is advances in information technology,'' Professor Ginige said.

"Turning an existing brick and mortar organization into an e-business can not be done as a one-off project. People within the organisation as well as customers need to be comfortable with new ways of doing business. They need to take the ownership of new business processes. This takes time," he said.

The overall methodology developed by the UWS researchers provides an evolutionary approach to e-transformation. A major technical challenge was the development of an information technology framework to support e-business applications that can evolve as the organisation transforms into an e-business, Professor Ginige said.

"UWS researchers have now developed a Component Based E Application Deployment Shell (CBEADS) to solve this technical problem,'' he said.

The Greater Western Sydney Economic Development Board welcomed the innovation which promises to transform the way business is done.

"Every business in Greater Western Sydney should now operate like a shop that never shuts. As Australia moves from an industrial to an information society, business will increasingly take place in an electronic or cyberworld,'' chairman Mr Jim Bosnjak said.

"Greater Western Sydney has become the economic powerhouse of Australia because of the blood, sweat and tears of its workers. But in the new millennium, the main thing we need is their brain. We cannot remain competitive in the global marketplace unless our 72,000 companies act smarter.

"Computers are no longer just for keeping the books or for paying the staff but for growing your business.''

"Although every business in Australia has the potential to benefit from the application of e-business technology, small and medium sized companies lack the time, money or experience to successfully harness the power that comes from integrating the Internet into every facet of their business," says Professor Ginige.

"When we have 40 businesses undergoing the e-transformation process we will see the formation of new business network clusters and new business models. These B2B interactions will be a corner stone for the Western Sydney Region to continue being the economic powerhouse of Australia. This transformation will also enable the region to become a major force on a global scale as well.

"Most importantly, small and medium sized companies now have the chance to punch above their weight in the world of e-commerce."

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