Men's Sexuality - What Men Want

Date: 04/09/2002

A new study, being undertaken by the University of Western Sydney, is taking a close look at how men perceive their own sexuality. Heterosexual men will be asked to complete a questionnaire on their sexuality, desires and fantasies, satisfaction with relationships and sexual function, and sexual feelings and behaviour.

The University's new Health Psychology Research Group is recruiting volunteers for the study, the results of which will be used to facilitate a greater understanding of men's sexuality, and foster new support services for men.

Researcher Julie Mooney-Somers says it's the first time a study of this type has been conducted in Australia.

"There's a false perception that men simply don't want to talk about these types of things, when it actually appears that there's no real opportunity to discuss the issues."

The survey is available either on-line at or can be mailed out to participants. Ms Mooney-Somers says it can be filled in anonymously, and takes around 20 minutes to complete.

"Because the questionnaire is posted on the web, we've actually had around 50 responses from the US. It's something we weren't expecting, but it will allow us to compare the experiences of men in Australia to those overseas.

"We're seeking around 500 responses, but we certainly won't exclude participants if we exceed that number," she says.

The study is funded by the Australian Research Council in conjunction with FPA Health, and will run until August next year. Preliminary results should be available by the end of 2002.

"It's a chance for men to reveal what they're really thinking about sex and relationships, and whether the media view of male sexuality actually measures up to how men judge themselves," Ms Mooney-Somers says.

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