UWS response to the State Government's submission to the Higher Education Review

Date: 24/09/2002

The NSW Government recently speculated that some new universities would be downgraded to "teaching only" status, as a result of the Commonwealth's review of Higher Education.

Acting University of Western Sydney Vice-Chancellor Robert Coombes has rejected this view, saying that UWS is committed to strengthening its unique and established research fields.

Professor Coombes said the University has already made its mark in several areas, including horticulture, auditory cognition, food technology, and construction technology.

"Academic research has always been an important component of the UWS mission. Last year, the University conducted a comprehensive external assessment of its research activities, and identified its research strengths. UWS is dedicated to building a distinctive research profile under a plan announced last year," he said.

"In July, the Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training, Dr Brendan Nelson, stated that Australia would not be returning to a two-tier, "teaching only" university system," Professor Coombes said.

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