Sonic Circus paints the town red

Date: 24/09/2002

Music from around the world will come alive this week, in a series of unique performances by music students from the University of Western Sydney.

'Sonic Circus' seeks to break out of the traditional concert hall mould, and portray music in a dynamic environment.

The audience will move through three different studios on the UWS Penrith campus, in a series of 'wandering performances', with each room a variation of the theme of red, including magenta, crimson and vermillion.

Students will perform short musical pieces from a wide range of genres, including electro-acoustic, piano, vocals, guitars, Tibetan bells, big band, Brazilian choirs, jazz, funk and even Tahitian soul music.

"It's about giving the audience a fresh perspective on music," says student Juleiaah Boehm. "Sonic Circus takes the audience through different spaces and environments. The fresh and dynamic performances combine music with culture, dance and multi-media. There's something for everyone."

This is the ninth year 'Sonic Circus' has been staged at UWS. The event showcases the wide range of musical talents being fostered within the University's School of Contemporary Arts.

The School's Professor Michael Atherton says the collaborative project is also preparing students for the world outside university.

"The students have been involved with all elements of the production, from auditioning the acts, securing the studios, designing the sets, and producing the performances. They're gaining valuable skills in this production which will enhance their employability in the real world," he says.

"The musical talent of these young people is awesome, and they've put together this whole production in just six weeks. It's a credit to them, and I'm sure this year's event will be a huge success."

Sonic Circus will be performed on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of September from 6.30pm. It will be held in the Contemporary Arts Building (BD) at the Werrington South Campus at Penrith. Cost is $5, and tickets are available at the door.

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