New book sheds light on spray oils research

Date: 30/09/2002

Leading the world in spray oils research, researchers from the University of Western Sydney will launch a new book Spray Oils Beyond 2000 - Sustainable Pest and Disease Management on Tuesday, October 1, 2002.

Sponsored by the Australian Centre for International Research and Horticulture Australia Ltd, the book will be launched during the Australian Horticulture conference at the University of Sydney.

The world's first and only comprehensive reference volume on spray oil research, the book is a compilation of the proceedings of the world's first spray oils conference held during 1999.

According to Associate Professor Andrew Beattie from the University of Western Sydney, the book is a milestone in the use of spray oils for sustainable pest and disease control.

"This single volume is a 'state of the art' reference on the uses of spray oils in agriculture and horticulture for researchers, technicians, students and farmers," Professor Beattie says.

"Horticultural and agricultural mineral oils offer significant national and international opportunities for future research and use of products in a wide range of horticultural and agricultural crops.

"Although some practitioners regard spray oils as minor components of pest management programs, their potential for use in sustainable integrated programs is increasing rapidly due to improvements in manufacturing technology and formulation, and a broader understanding of their use," Professor Beattie says.

"Spray oils have increasingly become an important component of Integrated Pest and Disease Management and compared with many broad-spectrum pesticides, the impact of oils on natural predators is relatively low.

"Spray oils also have many horticultural uses such as the control of powdery mildew in tomatoes and roses and two-spotted mite in roses."

Spray Oils Beyond 2000 was edited by UWS academics Associate Professor Andrew Beattie, Associate Professor Robert Spooner-Hart, Dr Debbie Rae and Dr Duncan Watson as well as an external editor, Matthew Stevens.

To order the book, visit or contact Andrew Beattie on 02 4570 1287.


WHEN: 10.30am, Tuesday, October 1, 2002
WHERE: Manning House, University of Sydney, Parramatta Road entrance