UWS expert available to comment on government stimulus package

Date: 06/02/2009

Professor Raja Junankar, from the University of Western Sydney School of Economics and Finance, can shed light on the importance of the $42 billion government stimulus package and what it will mean for the Australian economy.

A large part of the stimulus package involves putting money towards infrastructure investment and public expenditure. Professor Junankar agrees that this strategy will boost the economy and have a positive impact.

"Most western governments now accept the only way of avoiding a massive depression is for the government to engage in considerable public expenditures and understand that government budgets - Federal or State - will move into deficits," says Professor Junankar.

"Even conservative think tanks, such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), are now proposing such action."

"At a time of high and increasing unemployment, the opportunity costs of investing in labour intensive activities are very low, which is why the government has devised this stimulus package."

Professor Junankar was a delegate to Kevin Rudd's 2020 Summit in 2008. He has published numerous books and monographs and worked as a consultant for the European Commission as well as the Indonesian, New Zealand and Australian governments. He has received research grants from several bodies including the Australian Research Council.



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