UWS rewards best digital art at ARTEXPRESS

Date: 12/03/2009

The University of Western Sydney, a proud sponsor of the 2009 ARTEXPRESS Exhibition, is delighted to present Lindfield resident Christine Kim with the UWS award for best convergent artwork.

Each year, ARTEXPRESS showcases the best works of art completed by HSC students from government and non-government schools across NSW.

As a supporting sponsor of ARTEXPRESS, UWS is pleased to be able to showcase the emerging fields of digital arts and convergent media with the presentation of an award.

UWS Vice Chancellor, Professor Janice Reid, says the level of talent, imagination and skill that is on display at ARTEXPRESS is inspiring.

"A selection panel from the University's School of Communication Arts had the task of narrowing down the winner of the inaugural award for best convergent artwork. They were highly impressed with the quality of the works and found the task of choosing a winner extremely challenging," says Professor Reid.

"However, it was ultimately Christine Kim who captured the judge's attention with her completely original entry which pushed the boundaries between art and technology."

Christine, a former Ravenswood School for Girls student, used recycled parts from broken computers to create robotic creatures that are able to hold charcoal pencils and draw their own distinctive patterns.

In this way, Christine says her artworks raise questions about the many impacts of technology and the authenticity of art.

"My robotic creatures have drawn the artworks; I haven't even touched the page. This may lead people to question whether I, as the creator of the drawing machines, am the artist, or if the robots are the artists," says Christine.

"These questions are highly relevant today, when artworks can easily be computer generated, as well as inspired by technology. I don't think there is any right or wrong answer, the important thing is something beautiful has been created. Whether my work can be considered to be art is up to the individual."

The UWS selection panel was impressed by Christine's originality and creativity, along with her wealth of knowledge in the areas of physics, engineering, fine arts and digital media production, which allowed for the creation of a truly convergent work of art.

Professor Reid says the University is very proud to be a supporter of ARTEXPRESS.

"UWS is committed to providing the best possible higher education to young people in Greater Western Sydney and is thrilled to support ARTEXPRESS and help continue to raise awareness and foster the creative arts across the GWS Region," says Professor Reid.

The University of Western Sydney is one of the leading educators in the emerging fields of digital arts and convergent media, with state-of-the-art facilities, broadcast quality animation, television post-production and design production studios, and cutting-edge computing and photographic labs.

It is also provides sponsorship of Sydney's newest free-to-air television station TVS, which is located on the University's Werrington South Campus.

"Pushing the boundaries of creative and artistic expression is one of most exciting aspects of ARTEXPRESS - a philosophy that UWS also embraces," says Professor Reid.

"As a modern university, UWS serves to challenge traditional ways of thinking, address the contemporary issues that confront both our region and our nation, and work with our surrounding communities to help bring knowledge to life.

"On behalf of the UWS community, I welcome this partnership with ARTEXPRESS and look forward to many more successful years to come."

ARTEXPRESS is a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Training and the Office of the Board of Studies, NSW.

ARTEXPRESS is a series of exhibitions over an eleven month period across metropolitan and regional NSW. For more information, visit: http://www.artexpress.nsw.edu.au/index.html

Christine Kim's work, entitled 'Technical questions (An inquiry of authenticity),' is currently on display at the Art Gallery of NSW. An interactive display of the exhibition, as well as interviews with HSC students, can be viewed online at: http://www.insideartexpress.com.au/



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