TV show poses the questions others dare not ask

Date: 30/03/2009

The University of Western Sydney, in partnership with Metro Screen, is producing a television program that will encourage the communities of Sydney to discuss some of the most controversial issues in society today.

'Dare I Ask?' is a talk show with a twist. Hosted by Tilly Boleyn and former Big Brother contestant Tim Brunero, it invites a panel of experts to discuss a topical issue each week.

Rachel Bentley, from the School of Communication Arts at UWS, says 'Dare I Ask?' is innovative in its level of interaction with community.

"Each week, roving reporters will go on to the streets of Sydney to ask people to have their say about the topic," says Ms Bentley.

"The program will also go one step further by providing the opportunity for Sydney residents to join UWS students and get involved in the production process."

The pilot season debated the medicinal benefits of marijuana; the status of Christmas as a religious holiday or a marketing campaign; and differing views toward graffiti and body piercings.

The fresh 2009 season will get the conversation going again, this time debating topics such as the validity of the Australian citizenship test and the effectiveness of the Australian criminal justice system.

Series Producer, Linda Mirabilio, says 'Dare I Ask?' gives people the chance to gain valuable experience working in the television industry.

"The program is looking for people who want to get hands-on experience in multi-cam TV production, including camera operators, vision switchers, and production assistants. There is also the opportunity for people to earn screen credits by producing their own episode."

According to Ms Bentley, UWS students will be involved in the weekly recording of the program, in both the production and technical operational aspects of the show.

"From the camera operators to production assistants, each student is provided with an opportunity to be credited as a crew member of a real TV show that can be included on their resume," says Ms Bentley.

"The 'Dare I Ask?' website was also designed by two 2008 UWS graduates."

Ms Bentley says the University devised 'Dare I Ask?' in partnership with Metro Screen as a way to get members of the community involved in producing new, high quality content for Sydney's newest free-to-air television station TVS.

"By creating this program, the University recognised a unique way of fostering community growth and enhancing the educational opportunities of people in Greater Western Sydney," she says.

'Dare I Ask?' is recorded on Monday nights at Metro Screen in Paddington and broadcast each Tuesday, 9:30pm, on TVS.

For more information about 'Dare I Ask?' visit:, email:, or phone: 9356 1820.



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