Media Alert: 2009 Federal Budget University of Western Sydney expert comment

Date: 08/05/2009

The University of Western Sydney has a range of experts available for media comment in the lead up to and following the 2009 Federal Budget.

* Economy, western Sydney real estate: Dr Kevin Daly, from the School of Economics and Finance, is available to comment on the impact of the 2009 Federal Budget on households and businesses in Greater Western Sydney.

* Economy, deficits and growth: Professor Raja Junankar, from the School of Economics and Finance, can comment on issues relating to government debt, budget deficits, unemployment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

* Urban infrastructure and unemployment: Professor Phillip O'Neill, Director of the Urban Research Centre, can comment on urban/city infrastructure issues and labour market issues in high unemployment areas, such as western Sydney.

* Climate change: Professor David Tissue and Professor David Ellsworth, from the UWS Centre for Plant and Food Science, are internationally regarded scientists in the fields of carbon capture, climate change and the impact of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide in forests. They can comment on issues relating to climate change and carbon sequestration.

* Carer's payments and welfare: Associate Professor Jane Mears, from the School of Social Sciences, can comment on issues relating to carers and people with disabilities, aged pensions and paid maternity leave.

* Men's health and national men's health policy: Professor John Macdonald, from the Men's Health and Information Resource Centre, can comment on the need for the Government to deliver on a national men's health policy.

For media comments, please contact Amanda Whibley on 0418 438 399, Danielle Roddick on 0414 308 701 or Kristy Gleeson on 0410 564 803.



Media Services Manager

Amanda Whibley
02 9678 7084, 0418 438 399