UWS calls on western Sydney communities to select our future doctors

Date: 18/05/2009

The University of Western Sydney is preparing to select a new batch of stand-out students, who may become the next generation of home-grown doctors in Greater Western Sydney.

Each year thousands of hopefuls apply for a place in the University's Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

To assist in the selection process, the UWS School of Medicine is calling on members of the local community.

Professor Vaughan Macefield from the School of Medicine says community members will undergo training in the new state-of-the-art School of Medicine building at the UWS Campbelltown Campus.

"Volunteers will receive training in behavioural interviewing, and will be placed in teams with medical practitioners, health professionals and UWS staff. They will then conduct interviews with prospective medical students - a crucial step in selecting the right people to be the next generation of doctors, " says Professor Macefield.

"It is important for members of the community to help make the decision about who the new UWS medical students will be, as these students may one day become practising doctors within their local region."

The interviews will be operated in a multi-station mini interview (MMI) format, which involves prospective students rotating through designated interview stations and participating in ten short interviews.

Community volunteers are not required to have specialist medical knowledge. Training is expected to take place in November 2009 and interviews are scheduled to begin in early December 2009.

Interviewing potential future students is one of the many activities undertaken by the School of Medicine's Friends Network. Other activities include as patient actors, serving on School committees, providing opportunities for students to undertake assignments in the community and as the main point of communication between the School and the community. This involvement by Friends is a key component of the School's community engagement structure.

For further information or to apply please contact Penny Lee or Julie Uljanic at the UWS School of Medicine, at medstudent@uws.edu.au or on (02) 9852 4600.



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