Elio lets his hair down kicking

Date: 23/10/2002

Luddenham resident, Elio Celeste does brisk business at his hair salon all day long but when night falls, he dons his Tae Kwondo gear, rolls up his sleeves and kicks his feet into action.

Elio is the owner of the famous Celestial Images salon at the University of Western Sydney's Kingswood campus and a Black Belt Tae Kwondo trainer.

This hairdresser cum Tae Kwondo expert has a few achievements under his belt
Four of his students bagged gold silver and bronze medals in the Australian Universities Tae Kwondo competition in Adelaide recently.

The UWS Tae Kwondo team has won gold every year since 1997 when it sent its first team to the competition.

This year, all four of the UWS participants took a medal. Some universities had sent as many as 25 participants.

"I am really proud of my team's achievements and my role in nurturing them to excellence," he says.

He maintains a balance between mind and body through the various roles he performs. "Flipping, snipping, cutting streaking and shaving hair is an exciting challenge. I have a good handle on that."

By day his salon bubbles with activity as students and academics dash in and out for a quick hair do.

"During the day I use my hands to dress up many heads. Late in the afternoons I let go of all the energy that builds up while I am on my feet. Tae Kwondo provides the best form of release.

"I am in control of my body and soul and am able to deal with many emotions while helping my students kick-start a career.

"This is not just about martial art, it is about moving into an important phase of learning in academia which requires the best frame of mind," he says.

"The best way to let your hair down is to kick around, Tae Kwondo style," he quips with a howling laugh.

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