Australian eco documentary to screen at public forum

Date: 08/07/2009

A television documentary exploring revolutionary Australian renewable energy solutions to address climate change will screen at this weekend's national environment conference, Power Shift being held at the University of Western Sydney Parramatta campus.

The Future Makers, produced and directed by UWS School of Communication Arts academic Maryella Hatfield, also screens this week on the Discovery Channel.

The documentary highlights the extraordinary work of Australians creating a sustainable energy model for a 21st century economy.

Ms Hatfield says the scientists she has met during the documentary's production have given her both inspiration and hope for the future.

"The Future Makers tells the story of key Australians leading the way on the world stage in renewable energy," Ms Hatfield.

"Some are designing a future based on models in nature. Others are creating a sustainable energy model for a 21st century economy."

The documentary covers a diverse range of renewable energy solutions including wave and tidal power devices based on the motion of sharks and sea plants to generate power. A 'wave farm' containing around 20 of these devices could provide energy to up to 15,000 people.

Ms Hatfield also filmed a solar thermal technology developed by Australian scientists which has attracted international attention and is being rolled out now across the US on a large scale. One solar power plant is enough to deliver power to 120,000 US homes.

The program also includes a pilot project in South Australia tapping the heat deep inside the earth to generate electricity. This technology has the potential to provide Australia's energy needs for the next 500 years.

The Future Makers was co-produced with Discovery Channel and Screen Australia by film-makers: Director Maryella Hatfield, producer Lisa Duff and editor Kris Syrmis.

The documentary was a finalist for Discovery Ignite, an initiative giving independent filmmakers in Australia and New Zealand, the opportunity to pitch documentaries for local co-production.

Ms Hatfield will field questions from the audience after screening, The Future Makers, at the Power Shift conference on Saturday 11 July at 4.45pm at the UWS Parramatta campus.

Power Shift 2009 is organised by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) in partnership with the University of Western Sydney.

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