UWS study to understand the Do-It-Yourself investor: Volunteers needed

Date: 21/07/2009

A new University of Western Sydney study will aim to understand the goals, motivations and experiences of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investors.

Lisa Perrone, from the School of Management and the Family and Community Health Research Group (FACH) at UWS, is seeking the involvement of current or potential DIY investors for the study.

"A DIY investor is a person who chooses to build and manage their own financial investments to achieve certain career or lifestyle goals, such as self employment, financial independence, or financial wealth," says Ms Perrone.

"More than 38 per cent of Australian adults hold shares directly in the stock market, while an Australian property investment forum purports to have more than 71,000 members."

"Clearly, there are a lot of DIY investors in Australia and the numbers are anticipated to climb over the next decade - yet the subject remains under researched."

Study candidates need to be actively involved in one or more forms of DIY investment, such as property investment, development or renovation; or stock market, futures, options or contract for difference (CFD) trading, on a part-time or full-time basis.

Also eligible are candidates who have committed time and resources to learn how to undertake DIY investment through seminars, courses or via other self-education pathways.

Ms Perrone says participants will take part in confidential, face-to-face interviews, the responses from which will be used to raise awareness about the work-life issues and concerns faced by DIY investors.

"The study will also provide a more comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence people to pursue this career or lifestyle choice," she says.

"The research results will assist government and workplace practitioners to develop processes and policies that better support the needs of the DIY investor. These insights will also provide guidance to others considering pursuing this investment path."

For more information, or to take part in this study, please contact Lisa Perrone on l.perrone@uws.edu.au or 0405 383 624.



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