Medal-winning mates graduate from UWS

Date: 25/10/2002

UWS Campbelltown Campus students Steven Wise and Adam Clarke are two friends who are inseparable.

Not only did they go through their university studies together and recently graduate with their Bachelor of Science (Honours) Chemistry degrees, they each found themselves rewarded with a prestigious University medal for their outstanding efforts.

Adam and Steven's honours year research saw them teaming up as lab partners to study various drugs for cancer treatment.

"I'm really honoured to receive a University medal," says Adam.

"I initially started studying computers at university, but in the first year realised that it wasn't for me, so I took up one of the subjects that I did like - chemistry.

"I really found the course challenging and interesting, particularly my honours year which allowed me to research an area that hasn't been looked at before."

Steven says one of the highlights of their studies was travelling to conferences in Edinburgh and Brisbane to present their work to the best in the field.

"Participating in the conferences was an amazing opportunity. Our work was presented in front of respected academics from the international research arena," he says.

Don't expect that now they are finished that this dynamic duo will be resting on their laurels - they have just begun their PhDs in biochemistry at the University of Sydney. And once again, they find themselves working together in the same lab!

As for future plans, Adam says he hopes to work for a biotechnology company in the field of molecular biology once he completes his studies. He also doesn't rule out further research down the track.

"Biotechnology is a growing area of science and hopefully there will be opportunities to carry out research either in Australia or overseas," he says.

Steven says he's not sure what area of science he wants to work in once he finishes, but hopes one day to enter the world of academia.

"I haven't really made up my mind yet, but I hope that once I finish I can get a research position with an organisation like BHP or CSIRO," Steven says.

"Ultimately though I'd like to become an academic and researcher at a university. That's my long-term goal."

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