A blast of creativity: UWS hosts creative arts festival

Date: 09/10/2009

Music and film are universal art forms that transcend cultural and racial boundaries. For Greater Western Sydney, which is home to more than 100 nationalities, music and film are important ways of sharing and celebrating our diversity.

Throughout October, the University of Western Sydney will give western Sydney communities the opportunity to celebrate their musical and cultural traditions with an intercultural creative arts festival that draws its inspiration from Korean, Philippine, Japanese, Iranian and Macedonian traditions.

'Creative Explosion in the West,' sponsored by the UWS School of Communication Arts, will run from 14 -16 and 21 -23 October at the UWS Penrith campus.

Dr Bruce Crossman, from the School of Communication Arts, says Creative Explosion will be an exciting showcase of contemporary classical music alongside culturally diverse films.

"Creative Explosion will feature academic forums and workshops, film demonstrations, improvised music sessions, and performances by professional musicians and filmmakers including UWS staff and students," says Dr Crossman.

Dr Crossman says the festival is a great opportunity for UWS students to experience a range of different types of music and film, as well as to compose, perform and make their own material, and show it publically.

"UWS has so many talented students, with a wide range of musical and cultural backgrounds and interests," he says.

"Within the Bachelor of Music degree and the honours and postgraduate programs offered at UWS, students are able to learn the skills to become a performer as well as to work behind the scenes of a major production as a composer, concert administrator or producer.

"Events such as Creative Explosion give these students the opportunity to put their education to practice, and showcase their musical and filmic abilities and talent to real audiences and industry."

Highlights will include the 'New Minds' concert on 15 October, 2009, in which six doctoral and honours students have their work performed by leading Australian new music performers Ensemble Offspring.

The Ensemble's main concert - 'East and West Confluences' on 22 October - will feature world premieres from leading Australian composers Damien Ricketson and Professor Michael Atherton.

Internationally renowned filmmakers feature on 23 October, including Iranian-Australian filmmaker Granaz Moussavi's My Tehran for Sale.

WHAT: 'Creative Explosion in the West'
WHEN: 14-16 and 21-23 October, 2009
WHERE: The Playhouse, The Performance Space, UWS Kingswood campus; Building BJ, UWS Werrington South campus.
REGISTRATION advised: By Friday 16 October, 2009 for Gala events on 22 and 23 October.



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