UWS symposium puts global sustainability on the agenda

Date: 30/10/2009

Key researchers from the University of Western Sydney will converge in Parramatta today to discuss the local and global issues of social, environmental, cultural and economic sustainability at the 'Sustainability: Dimensions and Intersections' research symposium.

Symposium convenor, Dr Fernanda Duarte, Leader of the Sustainability Research Node (SRN) attached to the UWS College of Business says sustainability has become a wide-ranging term that can be applied to almost every facet of life.

"The event will bring together key UWS researchers who are involved in fundamental research projects covering multiple aspect sustainability," says Dr Duarte.

"It will explore the different dimensions of the perspectives on sustainability, and how these intersect with each other. It will also work to develop innovative solutions to the social and environmental challenges associated with sustainable development."

This will be the last symposium held by the Sustainability Research Group before it joins with the emergent Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Research Group.

The new research group, SER, in conjunction with the University, has quickly established itself as a key research entity in the area of sustainability across a wide variety of disciplines, such as business management, law, economics and finance, urban research, health and education.

The symposium will cover topics including leadership, corporate social responsibility, teaching, business, global governance and climate change.

"By involving a number of academics across the University, the symposium can effectively concentrate on providing greater insights on some of the world's most pressing issues," says Dr Duarte.

Speakers will include:
Professor Bobby Banerjee, Associate Dean of Research, College of Business
Professor Michael Jeffery, Director of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Research Group
Professor Donna Craig, School of Law
Professor Phillip O'Neil, Director of the Urban Research Centre
Professor Graeme Newell, School of Economics and Finance
Dr Gabriela Coronado, School of Management

WHAT: UWS Sustainability Symposium: Dimensions and Intersections
WHERE: Crowne Plaza Parramatta, 30 Phillip Street, Parramatta
WHEN: Friday 30 October, 2009
TIME: 9.00am - 5.00pm



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