UWS home to musical Steinway masterpiece

Date: 05/11/2009

Music students at the University of Western Sydney have been given something new to sing about, following the arrival of a Steinway grand piano at the Penrith campus.

Since the first Steinway was crafted in 1853, Steinway & Sons have developed a reputation for crafting the musical instrument of choice for pianists, composers and performers all over the world.

Dr Diana Blom, the Head of the music program within the UWS School of Communication Arts, says the University acquired the Steinway to provide students with an unsurpassed educational experience.

"When students one day become professional pianists, recording their music and playing in concerts, they are likely to use a Steinway," says Dr Blom.

"To have the opportunity to practice, perform and record on such an instrument whilst they are still studying is an excellent and rewarding experience."

Each Steinway is handcrafted, and takes up to one full year to complete. The piano that recently arrived at UWS is a Model C that was custom voiced by Mr. Frund, head voicer at Steinway's factory in Hamburg, Germany.

Dr Bruce Crossman, from School of Communication Arts, says each Steinway piano is slightly different, with its own unique sound, timbre and touch.

"The University's instrument has a woody character, which allows the lyric lines to sit very beautifully over it," says Dr Crossman.

"The top end has a bell-like quality. It also has a rich resonate bass, a nice loudness that blooms after you have played it."

The UWS Steinway will be used by student pianists enrolled in the Bachelor of Music degree, and by staff, students and professional musicians for concerts and recordings.

To celebrate the arrival of the musical masterpiece, the School of Communication Arts will be holding a special christening concert at the UWS Penrith Campus, on Thursday 5th November, 2009.

At this special event, UWS music students will for the first time have the opportunity to perform their own compositions, and those of other composers, on the Steinway to a concert audience.

WHAT: Steinway christening concert
WHEN: 6pm, Thursday 5th November, 2009.
WHERE: Performance Space, Building O, UWS Penrith campus, (Kingswood site), Second Ave, Kingswood.
RSVP: s.wantuch@uws.edu.au



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