Seminars to focus on investors' fears and aspirations

Date: 06/11/2002

Financial advisors will gain valuable insight into the likely reaction of investors to the current volatile share market, thanks to two upcoming seminars run by the University of Western Sydney (UWS).

Leading US finance academic, Professor Meir Statman, from the Santa Clara University, will present his latest research findings on behavioural finance.

Senior Lecturer Sharon Taylor from UWS says the first seminar is aimed at investment advisors and financial planners. It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Parramatta on 27 November 2002, 7.30-9.30am.

The second seminar is directed at academics. It will take place at the Norwest International Hotel, Baulkham Hills on 27 November 2002, 12.30 - 5.30 pm.

"Many 'mum and dad' investors are experiencing a volatile financial market for the first time. But financial advisors in Australia know very little about the emotional factors and aspirations that influence these investors and their financial decisions," Ms Taylor says.

"Many small-time investors have borrowed money to buy shares as a way to increase wealth in time for retirement. They are now caught with big interest repayments and declining capital.

"Some investors have started to panic and sell their stock because they are struggling to pay off debt.

"Financial advisors need to know how they clients fell about making a loss in order to manage their investment port-folio successfully," Ms Taylor says.

For more information about attending these seminars contact Julie Langford from the University of Western Sydney's School of Accounting on 02 9852 4181.


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