The Magic of India in Bondi

Date: 27/11/2002

The work of Indian tribal artists, curated by a University of Western Sydney academic, will form part of a new exhibition opening this week at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery.

The Magic of India exhibition, in association with the Government of India Tourism Office, emphasises the richness and diversity of art and life in the Indian subcontinent.

Moira Gibson from the University of Western Sydney's School of Education and Early Childhood Studies says she discovered the talent of these master craftsmen in the Madhya Pradesh region of India during a recent trip.

"Artist Clara Hali and I spent two months working alongside local craftsmen and tribal artists in this remote region. They still use traditional methods of bronze casting to create intricate works of art, and we wanted to learn the techniques they employed," Ms Gibson says.

"They are committed to preserving their traditional methods in the face of displacement, poverty and encroaching 21st century technologies.

"I found that when I returned home, my own work was influenced by the time I spent working with these talented people," she says.

Ms Gibson says sculptures from internationally renowned master artist Jaidev Baghel are among the works featured in the exhibition.

"His works are inspired by religion and demonstrate his people's devotion to their deities and worship," she says.

The Magic of India exhibition will also feature around 70 framed colour images taken by photographer Jenny Templin during her journeys through the region.

The photographs capture India's vibrant cultural mix and feature images of everyday life, ancient places of pilgrimage as well as the world of mystics, some of whom she befriended.

Objective artist Michael Wright has also created a mandala at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery. The sacred space is dedicated to the divine word OM, and features an altar, temple and meeting place for humans to interact with the Divine.

"We hope this exhibition will inspire people to visit India or learn more about this rich culture, in the way that we have been inspired by the artists who live and work there," Ms Gibson says.

What: The Magic of India exhibition
When: Open 10am-5pm daily, Thursday November 28- Sunday December 8, 2002
Where: Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Bondi Beach

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